Individual approach
to every case
We research.
We analyze.
We solve it.
Individual solutions
We offer comprehensive customized solutions for air purification, water treatment and purification,
environmental protection, storage and drying of agricultural products, as well as for other needs.
Do you have a problem? We will find a solution! Individual design of the equipment and selection
of modules to solve customer problems.
You fill out a survey form and we prepare a technical solution and a preliminary commercial offer.
 After approval, we start production. If necessary, we can carry out the delivery, installation and
maintenance of the equipment.
We have extensive experience in customized solutions for industrial air pollution treatment, hot exhaust gas treatment, smog/exhaust gas treatment, chemical emissions, sewage odors, design of water treatment equipment, disinfectors and other types of equipment.
Situation analysis
Test methodology
Water analysis
Air analysis
We can offer to make a complete connection of the equipment for online monitoring of water quality. This system enables 24/7 process control, reducing product wastage, optimizing the cleaning process, minimizing operating costs and meeting regulatory requirements. The system can be supplemented with an automatic analyzer for the detection and enumeration of microorganisms in real time.
Our company has experience in conducting customized tests according to customers’ requirements. This includes the theoretical part of preparing the testing methodology and procedure, the practical part of manufacturing the chamber and testing its equipment with probes and sensors, as well as
conducting tests with recording and analyzing tests.
We can conduct a comprehensive analysis of air pollutants, select and modify the equipment of gas analyzers, sensors and air scanners for pollutants, humidity, CO2 level, O2 level, humidity, and bacteriological component. We also configure and connect scanners to the online control and automatic analysis system.
All the equipment that we supply comes complete with installation manuals, so it can be easily installed by ventilation specialists or water equipment technicians. If necessary, we can offer a
supervision installation service, when our specialist is present during the installation and supervises. We can also offer a full installation service.
If necessary, we can sign an agreement for equipment maintenance. According to the prepared maintenance schedule, our specialists will check the entire system and its individual components, calibrate and tune, replace components and clean necessary parts.
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