In cooperation with RTA
Multi functional Smart Environmental Sustainable Barrier for urban installation
The barrier is equipped with a system
of ventilation ducts through which air is sucked in and fed into a complex air purification system. This system allows
up to 99% to purify the air from City SMOG, consisting of: VOCs (exhaust gases, chemical emissions), PM (brakes and tire micro-matters), allergens, odors and bacteria.
Air purification
Barrier is made of certified noise barrier with noise insulation and absorption function.
Reduction of noise pollution
The upper part of the barrier is equipped with photovoltaic modules that generate green electrical energy necessary to power all equipment.
Solar panels
The front side is equipped with digital screens on which useful and decorative information can be broadcast (for example, city logo, national symbols, flags, ornaments). or these screens can be used for commercial purposes and cover the barriers through advertising.
Outdoor LED screens
Vertical gardening
The rear part of the barrier, aimed at the living area, is equipped with special fastenings and containers for planting flowers and plants. Also, the vertical plane has a special mesh to facilitate overgrowing by creeping plants.