Integrated water purification
We manufacture systems of reagent-free water treatment from bacteria and viruses in order to recycle domestic sewage waters with the help of our membrane modules for micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration.

Water is our life. Water resources reduction caused by decrease in drinking water supply due to droughts, rising levels of industrial run-off, groundwaters pollution, freshwater salinization by desalination plants, leads to a shortage of this vital resource for functioning of all living organisms on our planet and, as a result, to direct negative impact on the climate changes.
Water tech
Ultrafiltration as a method of water purification, concentrating of sewage waters, and/or fractionation of macro-molecular compounds and multicomponent systems is widely used in industrial manufacturing. Ultrafilters are used to clean water from ionic and non-ionic pollutants, organic solvents, diesel fuel and oils, for separation of protein compounds (phospholipids extraction from phosphatide concentrate), and vitamin and enzyme production.

The installation is intended for purification of groundwater and other sources. The installation can operate automatically. The ultrafiltrating hollow-fiber devices are designed for subtle water treatment of turbidity, colloids, suspensions, colour of water, bacteria and viruses. They are also used in integrated water purification systems to get rid of heavy metals, radioactive pollutants, allergenes, petroleum products, surfactants, mineral fertilizers and pesticides with high-quality drinking water production, as well as in drink industry during the process of concentrating, clarification and cold sterilization of fruit juices, wines and other products.
  • Reliable removal of spores, bacteria, viruses and suspended particles from water;
  • Removal of dissolved organic matter;
  • The quality of purified water is stable and does not depend on the degree of contamination of the source water.
  • Surface water treatment: ultrafiltration provides high quality of drinking, circulating and process water with minimum operating costs;
  • Treatment and reuse of domestic wastewater: global trends are aimed to reuse purified wastewater. It is more profitable not to dump it in the open water, but to direct it to industrial use after ultrafiltration treatment;
  • Industrial wastewater treatment that provides its reuse and reduces technogenic impact on the water bodies of household and social amenity. Membrane approach allows us to return wastewater to the production cycle;
  • Decontamination of hospital sewage from bacteria and viruses;
  • Pool water treatment without the use of ozone or chlorine.
Ozonation is used for water treatment from pollutants, bacteria and viruses. Along with ultrafiltration method, water ozonation technology can also be applied. Our company produces the Ozonator that runs on oxygen, which is designed for water ozonation in sewage treatment plants and other industries.
  • For water disinfection and sanitation, ozone aqueous treatment of various objects.
  • Removal of dissolved iron and manganese salts (deferrization and demanganesation).
  • For storage technologies, agricultural preparation and processing.
  • For water and sewage treatment.
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