Comprehensive food product technologies
We produce a variety of systems for the food industry: a converter for neutralizing ethylene and pathogenic microflora, a system for extending shelf life, a drying system, equipment for bactericidal cleaning during drying
Food tech
To increase the shelf life of refrigerated food products, it is necessary to reduce the amount of ethylene and pathogens in the air. Previously, only RGS systems (regulation of the gaseous environment) were used for these purposes, but today we propose to get acquainted with a new solution to the problem of ethylene. The operating principle of the converter is based on the photocatalysis method, the essence of which is the oxidation of substances on the catalyst surface under the action of soft ultraviolet radiation.

Catalytic equipment cleans the air in the food warehouse chamber from ethylene and pathogens. The less ethylene in the chamber, the longer the products are stored in it, because it is ethylene that contributes to the rapid ripening and then rotting of vegetables and fruits, as well as other products. Catalytic plants purify the air from fungi and bacteria that cause rotting and spoilage of vegetables and fruits.

In addition, these units can be used in containers and trailers when transporting vegetables and fruits over long distances.
  • The shelf life and sale of food products are extended;
  • Losses associated with over-ripeness and rotting of products are reduced;
  • Reduced product weight loss;
  • The trade dress and natural color of food products is kept;
  • Extraneous odors are removed in vegetable stores, vehicles or household refrigerators;
  • Increasing profit by minimizing «marriage»;
  • Ease of use and economy.
  • Storage of vegetables, fruits and berries - slows down the breathing of products, increasing the shelf life;
  • Transportation of fruits and vegetables over long distances — systems are compact and can be used in shipping containers;
  • Storage of fish and seafood — absorbs odors from the chamber and preserves the color and smell of seafood, inhibits the development and reproduction of microorganisms;
  • Transportation of meat carcasses;
  • Storage and transportation of flowers.

The use of converters allows you to refuse:
  • From chemical processing of agricultural products;
  • From expensive and energy-consuming equipment for storage in the RGS;
  • From sealed chambers.
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