The future is blue
Human impact on the planet is global and irreversible. That is the reason why our team has been working on projects in the field of green energy, conservation of natural resources and ecology
Integrated Life Support and Food Production System for enclosed Atmosphere Habitats: Martian Base, Space Station, Spaceships
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For several years now, our research team has been working on the creation of a technology for the production of hydrogen via photo-catalysis of water.

Compared to hydrogen production via electrolysis, our method can be called a light green production method, since we have a minimum cost of electricity
Our projects
Can you imagine a project that would satisfy all 17 UN sustainable development goals at once? Тhe impossible is possible!The ALNILAM project makes it possible! From 10 to 17 goals in one project
A modern city is not only about the convenience of compact living of a large number of people, but also increased noise pollution, as well as SMOG, which directly affect our health. Smart Environmentally Sustainable barriers is our solution for this problem. Multifunctionality of the system provides the following advantages: traffic noise reduction, air purification from SMOG (VOC and PM), green solar energy, vertical planting, and smart LED screens.